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Rachele Somaschini, born in Milan in 1994, a successful women in a men’s world, motorsport. A girl with a strong message: her disease doesn’t win if you support the scientific Research.

Rachele took from her father Luca the passion for engines, since she was a child she prefers cars and everything with engine. After a little period with motard and motocross, she took her driving license with a record time and shortly thereafter her sport license.

In 2014 she debuts in the storic race “Coppa Intereuropea” in the Autodromo di Monza racetrack with his father Luca with an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint. In 2015 she take his first race in the hillclimbs. In 2016 the young driver wins on the track, racing in the most important Italian circuits, with the MINI Challenge and in 2017 she became the winner of the Italian Hillclimb Championship.

In the same year she took part in many Rally to gain more driving experience. She took part also in the Monza Rally Showwith Peugeot S2000 and 208 T16 R5.

In February 2017, Rachele becomes a second-level Federal ACI Sport instructor, collaborating with some driving schools for safe driving and motorsports courses. Today she works as a Safe Driving Instructor for ACI Sara – Arese Guide Center (MI).

In 2018 Rachele Somaschini was selected for the Hankook Young Project, took part to the entire Italian Rally – CIR Championship with RS Team and Plus Rally Academy. Rachele is an Hankook official driver in the Italian Rally Championship.

Also in 2019 she continues with the RS Team’s Citroen DS3 R3T arranged by Sportec Engineering and Hankook tires. the season started with the Rallye of Montecarlo and continues with her co-driver Chiara Lombardi in a program full of commitments and opportunities.

Rachele is involved as EVO Magazine’s Test Driver and has a monthly Rubrica called “Racing for a Breathe”

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Rachele è affetta dalla nascita da fibrosi cistica e dopo i primi anni di volontariato si concretizza nel 2016 il progetto #CorrerePerUnRespiro che la vede come Testimonial e volontaria della Fondazione Ricerca Fibrosi Cistica Onlus impegnata nell’attività di sensibilizzazione e raccolta fondi nell’ambito del motorsport.

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