Cusano Milanino (MI), 31/07/2020

The sensibility of a generous donor meets Rachele Somaschini’s effort in rally, generating a 20.000 euros contribution to the project #CorrerePerUnRespiro which is going to sustain the Research for cystic fibrosis. 

Rachele Somaschini fights since birth against a genetic disease, silent and degenerative, cystic fibrosis; for which a cure is still awaited. From the willingness to win against it, in 2016 a collaboration with Fondazione Ricerca Fibrosi Cistica is born, with the Campaign #CorrerePerUnRespiro (Racing for a Breath). Rachele decided to match her passion for racing and her driver career with the need of raising awareness about cystic fibrosis, which is still not known enough.

Franco’s important act of kindness, was able to give a very strong and tangible response to this Project. Franco met Rachele during a charity event during a Taxi-Rally tour, sitting next to her for a drive.
“I met Rachele by chance – he says – I have decided to partecipate with a friend of mine to this Charity events near my house where Rachele was offering a ride on her rally car for charity reasons – “Taxi Rally” – since then I fell in love with her cause. I didn’t know the problems related to Cystic fibrosis but I decided to get to know more about it, so that I could understand it better and I felt the desire to help them. In that period I had a domestic accident with a circular saw which cut three fingers off my hand. I decided to transform the damage of that injury into something positive. That’s what I did, devolving my compensation to cystic fibrosis’ Research. I’ve always had a passion for cars, enjoying rally is very easy. Sitting in a rally car has been an amazing experience because of the car: the rollbar, the consolle, the strange gearbox and handbrake. Since then I follow Rachele’s races with passion, she is like a hurricane. “

Rachele is grateful: “I am extremely thankful for this important donation, we know how hard it is for us to raise funds. I am very happy to see that our unstoppable work for raising awareness goes straight to people’s hearts. This is my first aim, so that is why I thank Franco very much for his help. Meeting him and his family gave us a lot of positive energy and hope, which I would like to share with everyone who believes in the Research without giving up, with the eyes fixed on the goal.” 

The project #CorrerePerUnRespiro – Racing for a Breath, has raised more than 160.000 euros in these years to sustain Fondazione Ricerca Fibrosi Cistica, Onlus recognized my MIUR with the role of National Agency for cystic fibrosis Research. Thanks to the donations we were able to give our contribution to a part of the innovative research project “Task Force for Cystic Fibrosis TFCF”, which aims to find a cure to the disease. 

The TFCF project is now in an advanced phase of preclinical study, which has required an important investment of resources and time, to give to the powerful compound ARN23765 biological and safety characteristics for it to become soon a cure, given its high efficacy detected in vitro. The possibility of increasing its efficacy in combination with other correctors is also being studied, which provides for the refinement of the quality, the physical-chemical characteristics and the appropriate formulation; fundamental for the preparation of a drug and its correct administration.

These studies excluded the toxicity of the compound (derisking phase), but also defined some of its “pharmacokinetic” characteristics (extent of absorption, concentration and duration in plasma, distribution in organs and elimination). These early studies confirmed the safety of the compound and its reasonable aptitude for becoming a drug. Now we have a few months to complete the in vivo studies with the aim of confirming the safety and behavioral characteristics of the compound ARN23765 in the living organism; these final studies will also allow to define the safest and most efficient dosage to address the first human studies, in collaboration with international partners.

Such long times are necessary to produce a drug that can be proposed for human use and this is a path that the pharmaceutical industry usually takes. The Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation, with the support of many donors, has dared to propose itself with its independent research, in an attempt to help create an alternative, which will also be reflected on the market, to facilitate access to treatment for as many patients as possible , even of those – and there are still many – whose form of CF is characterized by mutations, still orphan of specific therapy. 

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