We will see her at the most difficult race of the World Rally Championship will a totally female crew

Milan (Italy), January the 22th, 2020

Rachele Somaschini picks up from where she left off last season: with the most difficult race in the world, the Monte-Carlo Rally. The Italian driver, is back and with great satisfaction, and is thinking of a program in the European Championship where she will face new challenges whilst continuing to improve with experience on the track. It is for this reason that she will be at the start of the first stage of the World Rally Championship. Scheduled from 23rd to 26th January, the 88th edition of the Principality’s rally includes 16 special stages, covering a total of 1505.64 km in the magnificent setting of the French Alps and a variety of weather conditions. Rachele will participate with a totally female crew, she will be joined by the inseparable co-driver Chiara Lombardi, with whom she plans to continue throughout the season. A total of 80 crews are registered, with 10 WRC Plus present alongside 12 Italians. 

These are her words:
“It is always emotional to be at the start of the Monte Carlo Rally in the midst of drivers that I usually only see on television. Surely, in this my second participation, I will face the race with greater awareness and concentration. The baggage of experiences that this event leaves you with is unique and I wanted to make sure that Chiara was living this too, by my side and further uniting us as a crew and helping us to break the ice with these competitions outside of Italy, and with the hope of being able to continue in this direction. Our goal, in addition to getting to the arrival stage, will be to enter the TOP 60 and to merit the Sunday’s trials on the Col de Turinì “.

Rachele Terra

Rachele will be behind the wheel of her Citroen DS3 R3T with the RS TEAM SSD team prepared with Sportec Engineering with the number #65 on the sides and will bring with her the colours of the ONLUS Fondazione Ricerca Fibrosi Cistica (Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation) for which she is  the testimonial in Italy: being herself affected by this serious genetical pathology, she never forgets that the most important battle is that of informing and raising awareness of the problem. Without neglecting that this strong girl must, as always, reconcile with daily therapies to undertake the pressing rhythms of the competition. Gadgets and new autographed postcards, alongside informative materials, will be available in the GAP hospitality area. To make donations to support scientific research, it will be possible to do so through the #CorrerePerUnRespiro website, the initiative which was created by the pilot herself in collaboration with the Milan Delegation of FFC.

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CHARITY PROJECT #CorrerePerUnRespiro
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